Secure off-site Data Storage

(Currently offering for Microsoft Windows based operating systems. Backup support for Microsoft Exchange and SQL may have limitations)

Our data backup services are comprehensive and provide small businesses with essential protection of their investment. By combining multiple data protection strategies into our business, we can assure our customers of a unparalleled reliability, along with a very fast recovery time and minimal downtime.

Our 15 point approach:
-- Data redundancy --
* MULTIPLE off-site backup locations
* Servers with redundant mirrored hard disks (So even your backups have backups)
* Fully automatic managed backups, no additional charges for maintanance.
* Multiple backup sets to earlier versions of files

-- Data security --
* High encryption on servers and with the backup process
* Secure facilities
* Operation behind firewalls, no client router/network adjustments are needed
* Daily monitoring to insure successful backups

-- Data supplemental --
* Specialized server machines with climate control/temp monitoring, and HDD health status
* High quality UPS and controlled voltage regulation
* Exclusive use of T-1 and fiber optic networks

-- Data Assistance --
* Remote installation/support
* Highly competitive rates
* Highly trained IT technicians available to assist you on-site with your recovery and **optional server recovery
* Local help and support if you need your data recovered**

The first and last point are of major benefits. Many off-site companies backup your data, but only to one location (which can be geographically subject to failure or network outage). By offering multiple locations, we drastically improve the reliability of consistant backups and data integrity. With our last point, We found it very important to be able to get clients data back into their hands as quickly as possible. Again, once data is backed up to an off-site company, how long will you have to wait to re-download all your data? Days? Weeks? Even companies offering to mail your data back to you will take time. We offer SAME-DAY service. If your data gets corrupted, and you need a backup copy that same day, we will get it to you within hours.

What about the external hard drive backups you purchased? Or the tape drives you are still running? They are not an effective means of backup. Most external devices plugged into your machine are just that. Still "plugged in" via electrical means. It just takes one bad storm to zap all your backups as well as your server even with surge suppressors. Furthermore, does anyone check them for reliability? Are they guaranteed to recover your data after being used over and over again? The problem with many "in house" backup devices is that they can fail or have already failed and no one even knows it. With monitoring, we insure integrity of backups, along with multiple copies.

The benefits of off-site backups are undeniable.

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