Data Management Services

We offer multiple data management services to help protect, and recover your data in the event of hardware or software failure.

Our Secure off-site data backup service is essential for critical data. Almost everyone with a computer will experience a crash at some point in time as hard drives imminently fail. The statistics are scary. A majority of companies without adequate backup methods fail to remain in business in the event of a major crash.

We also offer a recovery service in the event of data loss. It is included with our data backup service, but if you have not yet signed up for that, we can still assist you. We would then work with the recovery of the physical drive that went bad. We operate non-invasive (Which means we don't open the hard drive), but we do run powerful software recovery tools on our workstations which offer a high recovery rate.

Lastly, we also offer website, vpn, and data hosting. Call or e-mail us today for additional information

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